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CRACKSLINGER is a unisex clothing label aimed to provide oversized graphic clothing with a social commentary. The brand revolved around the idea of normality. What is normal? And why do we put so much emphasis on this concept when it changes so frequently. The CRACKSLINGER name is a question to this mould of normality, a fuck you to social rules and boundaries we have caged ourselves in to and a devotion to rationality and comfort rather than normality and acceptance. CRACKSLINGER clothing is not for the people who want to be different because of others, but it is for those who are different for themselves. 


CRACKSLINGER COLLECTION 1 is about the building blocks I have in my life. The parts of my life I experience on the daily, and comparing that to the experiences of others while recognising there is no right, wrong, or socially correct answer. Each piece represents a concept or aspect of my life that I want to share with the world. With complex graphics used on simple and familiar construction, COLLECTION 1 uses a hardcore metal graphic aesthetic to bring detail to oversized, boxy fitting classic garments resulting in a juxtaposed composition of themes. The hardcore aesthetic of the graphics is a visual representation of the less socially acceptable aspects of my life, and through contrasting this theme with light colours or vibrant contrasts I aim to send the message that things should not be shunned because of social perception but by rational reasoning. 


I am not abnormal because I want to be different than other people, I am abnormal because I want to be myself. 

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